Sunday, January 07, 2007

Motorola V3i

For a non-political post, I'm really miffed I spent money on one of these phones for my wife's birthday just before Xmas. Thinking of buying an iPod, I (slightly impulsively I'm afraid, so I guess its my fault) bought a Motorola V3i phone for her that had mp3 support, on the basis it might substitute for the iPod and renew her phone.

How wrong I was. This phone claims to be a music player as well as a phone, but the support is truly shocking. Music transfer speeds onto the phone are painfully slow, the player is awful and now we've stuffed it with a couple of hundred tunes, its locks up when you start the player. The phone needs to be switched on and off to recover.

My own music phone the Sony w800i at least has good music support and other good features in the hardware, however the software is truly dreadful on that one and lets it down.

My recommendation for anyone thinking of buying a music phone, research it well.


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