Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Labour vs RyanAir

Good to see that Ian Pearson MP got a dressing down for his attacks on Ryan Air. It was a typical piece of mindless posturing and missing of the point on air travel. The only positive thing you could say about it air travel is going to grow, so perhaps by vilifying the low cost airlines, they can justify taxing them more, thus putting the flights out of reach of more people in the future. Hardly a great way for all to work together to save the environment though.

It seems there is a bit of snobbery about low cost flights, as if it enables people to fly that are not able to act responsibly about the effects, thus we somehow have to force those people out. Forget the realities of full aircraft, modern aircraft, use of quiet airports, thus little circling around Heathrow waiting for slots.

How about supporting Biofuels for cars which make up the biggest UK CO2 contribution ? Or perhaps getting the railways right, as was promised by the foolish fat one when he was Transport Sec as well as Deputy PM.


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