Sunday, January 07, 2007

ID Cards nonsense

As a implaccable opponent of ID cards, I'm glad to see another admission that it won't quite be what was promised.

It appears now we won't be using Iris recognition as part of the biometrics. It'll just be fingerprints, which numerous people have now demonstrated can be fooled using culinary gelatin, cheap printers and other bits just from a print lifted off a glass. (I remember reading whenClinton visited before the end of his term, he had a pint with Blair in a Birmingham pub somewhere. Apparently after he went the Secret Service guys took all the glasses on the table he and Blair had been at, broke them and took the bits away. I guess they knew then what was possible in a few years)

So now we have something that nobody believes will achieve the hyped up promises, uses existing databases, not a 'clean database', uses only one biometric, not a multiple of 'infallible biometrics' (all Blunkett quotes fromthe debates during passage of the bill), and yet it seems some senior Labour MPs still think we should consider this compulsory, if Hazel Blears' poll on her website is any guide.


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