Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saddam execution 'not dignified' - Do me a favour

Bush and the American forces in Iraq say the execution was not dignified and they would not have conducted it this way.

This defies belief, I cannot believe killing someone in cold blood in front of witnesses can ever be dignified, so please let's not pretend it could be. Not many will miss Saddam and his crimes were truly horrendous. However hanging him still goes against at least two of the four principles for which I believe it should never be applied:-

1 It makes a martyr of him (look at the posthumous coverage he's getting, we've almost forgotten what he was like)
2 It reinforces the impression that killing someone is OK, provided you've got good reason

(The other two being the effect it has on your family and the fact that innocent people get hanged however much you try to prevent it)


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